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Marsh Fritillary Caterpillars on Fontmell Down

A huddle of spiny black caterpillars on dry grass

Marsh Fritillary caterpillars. Photo: Gordon Cryer

Taken at Fontmell Down, in North Dorset, on 15 March. We will see the adult butterflies on the wing some time in May. The date can be quite variable – for more details see our First-sightings page .

Red Admiral in Wareham

Red Admiral in between the puffs of pussy willow

Red Admiral. Photo: Elaine Conlon.

A butterfly seen on 19/03/2017, despite it being a windy day, on a pussy willow in a sheltered spot in Bestwall, Wareham. A good reminder that willows are good for early nectar – and they are the foodplant for quite a few moth caterpillars.  Elaine also reports seeing an adder and a stag – what a good walk!