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Silver Y moth near the Weymouth Relief Road

Brwon moth clinging to a grass stalk

Silver Y moth. Photo: George McCabe

Geroge thinks this looks like it’s got a scary face! Seen on the Weymouth Relief Road cutting on 12/07/2017.

This is a useful identification shot: when you see a Silver Y ‘at rest’ it is very often rapidly beating its wings, so all you see is a blur.


Cinnabar moth caterpillars near the Weymouth Relief Road

Black and yellow striped caterpillars eating a plant

Cinnabar moth caterpillars. Photo: George McCabe

The yellow and black rugby-shirt stripes very clearly show these as the caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth, George describes where he too the photo: “Near the cycle path just of the Weymouth relief road near the water overflow ponds near the roundabouts”. Taken on 12/07/2017.

Purple Hairstreak at Alners Gorse

Purple Hairstreak, looking dark brown, with wings fully open

Purple Hairsteak. Photo: Richard Belding

The Purple Hairstreaks at our Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve are being very obliging – it’s rare to be able to catch photos like this.Taken on 10/07/2017.

A photo of a Purple Hairstreak with open wings we published a few days ago looked quite purply-blue, so it’s interesting to see this one, which looks such a plain brown. It is presumably a female, though they usually have a purple streak on the forewing. The angle at which the photo is taken can make quite a difference.

Gatekeeper at Stoborough Heath

Side view of a Gatekeeper on a leaf

Gatekeeper. Photo: Penny Hawes

This beautiful shot was taken by Penny on 07/07/2017 at Stoborough Heath, near Wareham.

It shows the underside markings of this species very well: not only the two white spots within the black eyespot on the forewing, but the white dots on the hindwing. Meadow Browns, very similar to Gatekeepers, have one white spot in the black eyespot and black spots on the hindwing – a useful way to tell them apart if they refuse to raise the forewing enough to see it.

Silver-washed Fritillary at Chase Woods

Large orange butterfly with open wings

Silver washed fritillary. Photo: Rex Bale

Rex attended our Butterfly Walk, which was joint with the Wiltshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation, at Chase Woods in North Dorset on 09/07/2017. He reports that there were huge numbers of Silver-washed Fritillaries and the occasional White Admiral.