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Wall Brown butterfly with open wings on white stone block

Wall Brown. Photo: Brian Arnold

Taken by Brian whilst doing his transect (butterfly monitoring) walk at Durlston East (near Swanage) on 18 September. He observes that it was in such perfect condition that it must have been newly hatched.

Wall Browns are increasingly becoming limited to coastal areas, as can be seen on their map on our Atlas page. Remember our Atlas pages can give you a lot more information on how all Dorset butterflies are faring.

Back From the Brink and the Barberry Moth

Barberry Carpet Moth
Barberry Carpet Moth. Photo: Ian Hughes

The Barberry Carpet Moth suffered from the eradication of its food plant, Common Barberry, due to it being host to the wheat rust fungus. There are now rust-resistant wheat varieties, but almost too late for the moth. There are thought to be just ten populations of this moth left in the UK, mostly in Wiltshire, but also in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Dorset.

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Dark butterfly well hidden in a bush

Comma. Photo: Malcolm Wemyss

Malcolm says:

I was incredibly lucky to see a bright butterfly just fluttering along our yew hedge in late afternoon of early October, a Comma. It then entered the hedge and walked around inside to settle down and roost for the night. At the approach of my mobile camera it extended its forewing – now the inverted butterfly perhaps appears as a bizarre face with the ‘c’ marking an eye and the gap between wings as open jaws . .


Next stuffing date 19 October

Two orangs and white butterflies on a yellow flower
Duke of Burgundy butterflies mating. Photo: Mark Pike

Could you help stuff newsletters into envelopes on 19 October? Helping the paid staff at Butterfly Conservation Headquarters frees their time to work to help butterflies and moths, like the beautiful ones pictured.

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Butterfly weddings

Two exotic butterflies on bright yellow flowers
Two Monarch butterflies.

No, butterflies don’t marry, but did you know some humans release butterflies at weddings (and funerals) as part of the ceremony?

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